Services & Pricing

Consultation (15 minutes) - FREE
Many women have questions or concerns about having eyelash extensions. They're not sure they'll suit them or, they've had a bad past experience and are anxious about giving them another go. Our informal consultation gives you the opportunity to have a chat, with absolutely no pressure or obligation. Extensions are not right for everyone, and we promise we'll only ever give you honest eyelash advice. 

New Client CLASSIC or HYBRID (up to 2 hours) - $145-$185
For new clients, this first appointment includes a full *consultation (no need to add this service to your booking); *optional patch test; *removal of any existing extensions; a full set of extensions (either Classic or Hybrid); aftercare pack; and follow up. 

*A consultation time is allocated within the appointment, therefore there is no need to add this service to your booking.

*The optional patch test should be carried out at least 72 hours prior to a full set of eyelashes. See below for details.

*We don't refill the work of other stylists, but neither do we charge for removal. If you require this service, please add it to your booking to ensure we have sufficient time allocated for you.

Existing Client Full Set CLASSIC or HYBRID (1.5 hours) - $120-$160
For existing clients who require the application of a fresh, full set of Classic or Hybrid eyelashes OR who are outwith the one month refill period. 

Existing Client One Month Refill CLASSIC or HYBRID (allow up to 1.15 hours) - $99-$139
Refills are now one simple price to make your life easier. This service is for any refill UP TO ONE MONTH since your last appointment. (Eg, if your last appointment was the 3rd August, you have until the 3rd September to refill for $99). Anything beyond one month will be classed as a Full Set, so please book that service. 

Removal (30 minutes) - FREE or $40
Whether you're a new or existing Blink! client, we don't charge for the removal of extensions provided you’re following up with a new set of lashes at the same appointment time. Otherwise a standard charge of $40 applies. 

Patch Test (30 minutes) - FREE
A patch test is optional and carried out at your request. If you have any concerns about a possible reaction, we strongly recommend this is done. Please allow 72 hours following the test, before having a full set of eyelashes applied.